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The United States General Services Administration (GSA) is a federal agency responsible for promoting effective use of federal real property assets, as well as the disposal of real property that is no longer mission-critical to federal agencies. With thousands of properties in the federal portfolio, disposing of underused federal property is a considerable task. GSA—while working together with partner federal agencies, state and local governments, non-profit organizations, business groups, and citizens—leaves a lasting positive impact on communities by making valuable government real estate available for numerous public purposes.

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Everyone Loves a (Government) Auction

| February 6, 2009 | Featured, Resources
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The human urge to acquire “stuff” is a common one we can all identify with. When that urge is channeled through the magnifying glass of the government, however, it can manifest in some truly colossal collections of “stuff”. Eventually though, newer, different or better stuff eventually supersedes the current “stuff” and, well, all that old stuff has to go somewhere. We’ve all seen military surplus retails; any town of sufficient size probably has one… bins of camoflague gear, paramilitary hiking/camping equipment and mountains of clothing and uniforms. All of it ready to be frugally adopted to the cause of personal preparedness. But what if you’re looking for an opportunity a bit further up the “chain of command” from the retail outlet. That’s where the government auction comes in. That’s where private organizations like Government Liquidation, LLC come into the picture. Just take a look at some of the great (and possibly amusing) goodies a quick tour of their stock came up with.
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